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About BLS

Breathe Life Sciences (“BLS”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bioxyne Ltd (BXN:ASX) and licensed manufacturer, sponsor, importer and exporter of controlled substances (S3, S4, S8) in Australia.

BLS was founded in 2018 and has quickly expanded into a multi national business focused on alternative therapeutics and investigational medicines. Our corporate head office is in Sydney and licensed manufacturing, warehousing, and import/export operations are located in the Gold Coast (Australia), Nagoya (Japan), Manchester (UK), and Prague (Czechia).

Our business model is focused on manufacture of final dose form / finished products, sales and distribution in each of the territories we serve. We work with raw materials and API suppliers in 5 continents and are a market leader in manufacturing scope and quality.

Our logo is derived from a Japanese Maple Leaf, symbolising health, happiness and a long life well lived. While the Japanese Maple is not a medicinal plant, our company purpose is to redefine medicine by taking a holistic approach to healthcare for a healthier and happier tomorrow. 

Redefining Medicine

Our purpose is to redefine medicine and the pharmaceutical industry’s approach to healthcare. Our focus is on psychotropic and investigational compounds particularly in patients with contra indications to conventional medications and treatments.

For a Healthier Tomorrow

We believe our work will contribute to longer, healthier and happier lives in the communities we serve, and that in doing so we will become pioneers of the new pharmacopoeia.

API and Starting Materials

BLS is a licensed sponsor, importer, exporter, and wholesaler (warehouse) of Schedule 3, 4, and 8 controlled substances. We work with GACP/GMP cultivators and manufacturers of APIs and starting materials in 5 continents and have been active in Australia since 2020. We are a trusted supplier to cultivators, manufacturers, sponors, pharmacy, and patients.

White Label Manufacturing

Whatever your needs, we can help you in finding the rihtt solution. We offer compliant lab and manufacturing services to 3rd party clients & brands in Australia, UK, and EU. We are the market leader in terms of manufacturing scope for alternative medicines with a wide range of final dose forms and low MOQs

BLS Clinics (Patients)

To facilitate patient access to authorised prescribers we launched our online telemedicine service, powered by Instant Scripts.

Our services are end to end working with pharmacy and medical practitioners to ensure optimal and appropriate patient outcomes. 

Key Impact Areas

Treatment Resistant Depression

Depression and mental health is a key focus point for us at BLS. We believe in the promise of novel treatments for combatting TRD and delivering strong patient outcomes. Our work in Australia is pioneering a new field of research, development, and treatment of depression, and we hope to pave the way to a brighter future with novel pyschedelic compounds and medicines. 


We have been working with oncology clinics and specialists in Australia for nearly 2 years. Focusing on investigational and alternative medicines to improve quality of life for cancer patients. We believe in building data on both efficacy and safety in the use of alternative medicines in cancer patients, and finding ways to dramatically improve patient outcomes.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD, depression and suicide are one of the leading causes of death in people under the age of 45. As government regulations open up to research and development of prohibited compounds we believe it is our responsibility to explore and develop the potential of these compounds in improving patient outcomes and quality of life. 

Certificates of Analysis

Each release of Breathe Life Sciences medicinal product is provided with a certificate of analysis confirming the individual batch information, active ingredient concentrations and other relevant information.  

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